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I believe that everyone has a purpose in life, mine is to effect positive change in the world through music by inspiring a consciousness of hope in the lives of everyone I encounter.


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Over 20 Years of Life-Changing Music

 I am so glad that you are here. While visiting, you can find my bio along with information of my professional music background on the "About" page. The "Inspirational Music" page will give you an insight of the positive impact that music can make in our daily lives. If you or a loved one is coping with an illness, please visit the "Therapeutic Music" page to learn more about the healing power of music. On the "Calendar" page you can find my schedule of events. Come on and get lifted by visiting the "Gallery" page and listen to the "Life is Now" Inspirational CD. The "Professional Services" page will provide details about the music services that I provide such as fundraising for non-profits, weddings, celebration of life ceremonies, women empowerment luncheons, workshops, retreats, birthday celebrations, and much, much more.

To receive a personalize inspirational quote or musical chant (mp3) from me, head on over to the "Contact" page and sign my mailing list.  

You can now hear Lady Johnnie's music featured worldwide on Babbie Mason Internet Radio, visit: http://www.babbiemasonradio.com/

Below, see live video performance of Lady Johnnie as featured on Babbie's House TV Show. 

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"I believe that Music feeds our heart, our soul, and our spirit while providing harmony to enhance our daily lives." 

- Lady Johnnie Proby

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