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music and sound energy can prepare you for a peacful night sleep.

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Grief & Loss

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Supporting frontline healthcare professionals, and administrators, home caregivers, wellness coordinators, and those who want to receive hope and comfort in times of despair. 

Music as therapy is not a new idea, nor is in-person music therapy. What is new, however, is the idea of receiving healing, therapeutic music via virtual settings. Johnnie Proby, a Sound Energy Healer, is a pioneer in the field of virtual therapeutic music, using acoustic sound and the instrumental gift of her voice, to send healing sounds and vibrations across the Internet to the hearts of people who are facing chronic illness, stress and anxiety, burnout, trauma, overwhelm, grief and loss and those who need end-of-life care.



I’m Johnnie

And I’m so glad you’re here. My goal is to be the voice of hope and inspiration that calms the mind, heals the body, and uplifts the soul of healthcare professionals around the world. 

Particurally, those individuals that are experiencing high emotional pain, stress, anxiety, grief, and loss, and feelings of hopelesness brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Whether you’re a patient, the loved one of a patient, a frontline professional, a healthcare administrator or wellness coordinator overseeing a team of caregivers, I would be honored to support you with the healing power that flows through my music and voice.

The first step is to schedule a discovery call so that we can speak about your concerns and needs. I look forward to helping you calm, heal, and uplift your soul.

What I Love To Do Virtually

Serving frontline healthcare administrators and professionals, first responders, home caregivers, and individuals who want to give or receive hope in times of despair


Know. Discern. Enlighten.

Support healthcare professionals, front-line staff, home caregivers, and even yourself with live-streamed and recorded Wellness Workshops and Webinars, educational programs that teach the power of sound energy and music that bring listeners to wholeness. Participants learn musical tools and conscious healing techniques, including Johnnie’s own “3Rs Method Soul Wellness” Healing System.


Stabilize. Relax. Rest.

Oh, the disquiet, the discomfort, of being bed-bound. With the Music as Bedside service, bring Johnnie’s healing voice and vibrations to the people who need it most, those suffering and confined, either to bed or to a care facility. Both live, virtual performances and recorded concerts are available.


Open. Change. Inspire.

Invite Johnnie to sing at your next event to open hearts and inspire action through lyrical sounds and heartfelt vibrations. Customize song sets to use from open to close, with music recorded or performed via live stream. Music to Open Events is ideal for conferences, association and corporate meetings, and networking events.


 Inspire. Uplift. Bring Hope. 

Join Johnnie for a virtual Music for Life Celebration or Concert that lifts moods and enhances listener well-being. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, showers, festivals, sororities, and teas, as well as for events that accompany grief and loss. Recorded and live-streamed concerts are available, with a playlist customized by you.

Our Partners

Inspiring Testimonies

Wellness Workshops & Webinars

“Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the knowledge you imparted to our community last week. Your passion and warmth brought such a sense of joy and merriment to our community that is greatly needed this year. During such difficult times, programs such as these provide such invaluable support and a sense of community for our members. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with you. Thank you so much for your time and resources and for empowering our members. We look forward to working with you again in the future!”

~ Cancer Support Community Los Angeles

Music For Life Celebrations & Concerts

“My organization has been honored to have Johnnie Proby sing as part of our Annual Employee Awards Program for the past two years. Johnnie has a wonderful God given gift that touches the heart of everyone under the sound of her voice. She is an inspiration and we are always blessed when she participates on our programs. Her ability to deliver a message of joy, hope, and peace in song, has helped to make our programs a great success. Thank you Johnnie for sharing your beautiful gift with us.”

~ Marguaree Durden Pyoas

Music As Bedside Inspiration

“My family and I believe people are sent to assist us along our journeys in life and Johnnie Proby was sent to us at the appropriate time. It had been over a year since we heard our mother’s voice. Our mother was struck in the head multiple times with an aluminum baseball bat on January 2, 2020 in an attempted carjacking which left her with a traumatic brain injury, immobile and nonverbal. Our mother has a strenuous journey ahead of her but she’s an extremely resilient woman. The soothing, harmonious sound of Johnnie Proby was introduced to our family the 1st week of February 2021 as a gift to our mother. On February 21, 2021 we heard our mother’s voice as she sang along to one of her favorite songs. It was breathtaking , needless to say an extremely emotional moment, it was a blessing and initiated some healing to our soul. Words cannot express how grateful we are for Johnnie providing virtual live therapeutic music to our mother and we highly recommend Johnnie Proby to everybody!!!”

~ The Pittman Family

Music For Events

“Johnnie’s heart, her energy, her sincerity and professionalism are parallel to her soothing sounds of the music she makes. “ Music is therapy” hails a new meaning when listening to her. I find myself singing or humming a song she has sang in days past of hearing her, she brings the words to life, her songs are soul stirring and applicable. Johnnie has been an asset to the Rare Pearls Mentoring and Leadership Program, Inc. She works with me and beside me, I’ve never had another co-laborer to have my back the way Johnnie does. When she initiates a plan, she follows it through to the end. Johnnie is an absolute pleasure and a joy to travel with through this journey of life. I am her greatest fan!!!!! “

~ Judy McClendon-Redmond

Our virtual services

are customizable to:


Prime hearts for your messages


Create healing atmospheres


Encourage peace, calm, joy, and happiness


Move people towards wholeness and action


Support self-love and self-care


Lessen stress, anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep, lack of focus


Soothe hearts stricken by grief and loss

Where do you need peace in your life?

Receive a Free Guided Meditation

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Johnnie Proby 3R’s Method Soul Healing Meditation™

Join us to receive the 3R’s Meditation,  7-minutes of calming, and soothing tranqulity to Renew, Reset, and Relax the mind, body, and spirit!

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