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Johnnie Proby

Inspirational Soul Artist, Singer, Songwriter:

Renowned for her soulful melodies and uplifting lyrics, Johnnie Proby, also known as the Medicine Voice, creates music that serves as the soundtrack for life’s celebrations. With over a decade-long career, she has captivated audiences worldwide with her mesmerizing performances, blending contemporary musical styles with jazz, classical, gospel, soul, and rhythm and blues influences.
Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Johnnie’s stunningly crystal-clear soprano voice has graced stages across the globe, earning her acclaim for powerful renditions of classics and original compositions alike.
Beyond her musical talents, Johnnie is a certified therapeutic music practitioner and sound energy healer. Passionate about self-love and self-care, she skillfully uses musical selections and healing modalities like Crystal Alchemy and Tibetan singing bowls to create an atmosphere of healing for mind, body, spirit, and soul.
A significant milestone in Johnnie’s journey was the release of her debut album, “Life is Now,” featuring the title track she penned herself. This compilation, including a stirring cover of “A Change is Gonna Come,” resonated deeply with listeners, earning her recognition for her impact on the community during challenging times.


In 2019, Johnnie released her empowering single CD, “She’s A Pearl,” reminding women of their inherent worth and value. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, she paid tribute to frontline heroes with a music video for “WE” from “Life is Now.”
Now, set to release her newest single CD, “Birthday Blessings,” during the Taste of Douglasville Festival on May 18, 2024, Johnnie continues her mission to spread hope, love, and empowerment through her music. With every song, she inspires listeners to embrace positivity and resilience, making a meaningful impact in the world.


Johnnie Proby envisions a world where soul fulfilling music, sound energy healing, and self-care converge to ignite spiritual awakening, foster personal transformation, and facilitate collective healing. Through her soul-stirring melodies and transformative lyrics, she aspires to create a harmonious resonance that elevates consciousness, uplifts spirits, and catalyzes profound shifts in individuals and communities alike. With a focus on promoting Birthday Blessings, her vision includes empowering individuals to offer blessings to themselves and extend acts of kindness to others, fostering a culture of love, joy, and kindness.


Johnnie Proby’s mission is to harness the power of soul fulfilling music, sound energy healing, and self-care practices to inspire, uplift, and celebrate the human experience. With a deep commitment to nurturing the soul and promoting holistic well-being, she endeavors to create music that serves as a conduit for healing, growth, and empowerment. Through her music, Johnnie Proby seeks to cultivate a space of resonance and resonance, providing listeners with a sanctuary for self-reflection, renewal, and inner transformation. In alignment with promoting Birthday Blessings, her mission includes encouraging individuals to offer blessings to themselves through acts of self-care and extend blessings of kindness to others, thereby fostering a world filled with love, joy, and positivity.

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Birthday Blessings Single CD

Life is Now CD

She’s A Pearl Single CD

Soul Fulfilling Music


Inspirational Music Performances

 Live or virtual performances tailored for various occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, celebrations-of-life, home blessings, baby christenings, women empowerment conferences, and festivals.


Customized Songs

Personalized and customized songs created to commemorate special events or honor loved ones.


Music for Events

Providing music to open and close events, conferences, or ceremonies, setting the tone for gatherings with soulful melodies and uplifting lyrics.

Sound Energy Healing


Sound Bath Meditations

Offering immersive sound bath experiences using instruments like Tibetan singing bowls and crystal alchemy bowls and other sound modalities to promote relaxation, stress relief, and emotional well-being.


Tuning Forks Toning Sessions

 Utilizing tuning forks to balance energy centers in the body and promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony.


Guided Meditations

Leading guided meditation sessions incorporating sound healing elements at women empowerment conferences, retreats, spas, and resorts to facilitate deep relaxation and inner peace.

Self-Care Facilitator Specialists


Self-Care Workshops

Conducting workshops and seminars on holistic self-care practices such as mindfulness, breathwork, and movement therapy to empower individuals to prioritize their well-being.


Guided Meditation Albums

Providing downloadable albums featuring guided meditations for self-care and stress management, allowing listeners to access relaxation techniques at their convenience.


Collaborations with Wellness Practitioners

Collaborating with wellness practitioners to offer integrated self-care experiences combining music, movement, and mindfulness practices for holistic well-being.

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