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Since I was a child, music has been my friend, my comfort, my joy, my hope. While it has taken many years for me to learn of music's healing properties from an academic/scientific perspective, deep down in my soul, I think I always knew of them.

Something special happens when music plays; atmospheres shift, moods change, tensions ease, fears are calmed, spirits are lifted, and grieved hearts are comforted. 

It was the comfort of sound that first drew me to music. As a child, I sang during moments of heartbreak and disappointment. Sometimes I only hummed. Still, the feel and tones of the songs I sang "lifted" me, which simply means they made me feel better. Today, through my work, I look to give to others what music has given to me: joy, hope, comfort, peace and - most of all - healing.

As a trained live therapeutic music practitioner, I provide therapeutic music at the beside of hospitalized patients to inspire mental, physical, and emotional well-being. I have received extensive training to know how to help patients stabilize and relax to relieve stress, discomfort and anxiety.  I utiltize knowledge and training garnered as a student of the Music For Healing and Transitioning Program, through which I am working to receive my certification in live therapeutic music.  In addition, I am a long-time student and practitioner of the Barefoot Shiatzu Vocal Aerobic Technique, a singing technique featuring the healing properties of vibrations, sound and music. 

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I also teach and train individuals on how to use music, vibrations and sound as instruments of healing.  If you or someone you know seek healing from a physical, mental or emotional ailment; work in a high stressed job; or want to enhance your wellness regimen, this information is of special benefit to you.  Visit the Private Consultation page to learn more. 

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In addition, I welcome the opportunity to share the beauty of live music with you and your guests. Should you have an upcoming event, it would give me great joy to "uplift" the spirits of your guests and usher in an atmosphere of inspiration, calm and excitement through the performance of musical selections specially arranged to create the ambiance you desire. Visit our Live Inspirational Soul Music Performances page to learn more. 

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To read or listen to my life's story is to know that music is my heart.  My passion, however, is humanity. In particularly, bringing people together in a peaceful and harmonious way. 

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with many social and civic organizations seeking to unify the various peoples of the world.  My hope is to continue to join with such organizations and individuals to create a world overflowing with love and respect for all people.  A world where every individual matters and every voice is respected.  

I dedicate my voice to the upliftment of all mankind, for I believe this world and all of its goodness were created for every man, woman and child gifted with life.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my fellow brothers and sisters in whatever capacity I can.  If you work with such an organization or carry a similar love for people, please know you have a friend in me.

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