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Johnnie Proby 3R’s Soul Healing Guided Meditation for Inner Peace

Click the play button below to “listen in” and “follow along” with Johnnie or, download here.  Also, download the transcript.

R1: Morning Renewal | R2: Afternoon Reset | R3: Evening Relaxation

I invite you to follow along with me…


Be comfortable, try:lying down, standing in front of a mirror, or sitting in comfortable position

Rub your hands together and place over your heart, belly, or lap with palms facing up.

  1. Slowly, take in a deep breathe
  2. Close your eyes, or gaze down (helps you to go within)
  3. Focus your attention on your heart (helps you feel centered, anchored, and grounded)
  4. Think positive thoughts (love, joy, gratitude, peace)
  5. As you release the breath, Speak | Sing | Say:
  6. “How I love you” (say your name_______), Repeat,
  7. “How I Love you” (say your name_______)

Do this 3 times continuing the breath and pattern as you allow peace to exist within your heart:

  1. Speak it (out loud)
  2. Sing it (hum the “Ahhh” sound)
  3. Say it (in silence)

As you speak| sing| say| this meditation, invite peace into your heart – sitting in stillness, as you release the breath, feel peace hovering all around you. – Beautiful!!

I hope that you will make the Johnnie Proby 3R’s Method Soul Healing Meditation™ a part of your daily routine for:

R1: Morning Renewal | lying down upon awakening

R2: Afternoon Reset | standing in front of a mirror

R3: Evening Relaxation | sitting in comfortable position

As you practice, you are strengthening your ability to create more peace in your life.

Until Next time, Go Well, Be Well!!!   Namaste! 


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