Music as Bedside Inspiration



“Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.”

Dr. Debasish Mridha

Stabilize. Relax. Rest.

Being confined or bed-bound is a traumatic experience in its own right. But couple confinement or lack of mobility with physical and social isolation, and pain—psychological as well as physical—is magnified.

To enhance the healing atmosphere for such patients, and to reduce the stress of caregivers, consider gifting the bed-bound or confined patients under your care or in your heart an uplifting, healing music as bedside inspiration by Johnnie Proby. Johnnie will work with you to create a meaningful, inspirational playlist of acoustic music perfect for your audience, and then will deliver the healing vibrations of her voice live, via the Internet, or as a recording to play when and as you wish.

Those who’ve experienced Johnnie’s healing music at bedside report a reduced need for pain medication, more positive healthcare experiences, and reduced stress and anxiety. The benefits extend to patients and caregivers alike, leading to a more relaxing, restful environment.

The Details: Healing Music at Bedside:

  • For patients in the hospital, hospice, home care, and senior living centers
  • Provide a more positive healthcare experience
  • Reduce patient and caregiver stress and anxiety
  • Alleviate physical, emotional, and mental concerns
  • Performances run 30-60 minutes depending on patient condition and tolerance
  • Customizable playlists of 6-12 songs; choose Johnnie’s songs or your favorites
  • Music can be live-streamed or pre-recorded and delivered via download
  • Live-streamed performances are recorded for you to play again and again




“In my recovery as a breast cancer champion, listening to Johnnie’s music brings comfort to my soul.”


“Johnnie is a wonderful person with a beautiful spirit of giving and a voice of an angel. Her music has soothed the souls of many of our patients. caregivers, and staff members each time she speaks and sings. The joy she brings through her music is immeasurable and we are truly thankful to have her as part of our wellness program.”



DaVida, Emory Winship Cancer

“I met Johnnie when I was walking through the journey of breast cancer. I was having difficulty sleeping, suffering from depression and  anxiety.  Johnnie music was a comfort to me, and soothed my spirit. At night music helps me fall asleep. I would encourage you to try using Johnnie’s music. It has been a blessing in my life.”

Rosie - Hope for the Journey

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