"Music is healing" 


Our Services 

Live Therapeutic Music

Complementary non-pharmacologic bedside intervention for hospitalized patients featuring live therapeutic sessions of vocal sound therapy to help patients rest, stabilize and relax. 

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Live Inspirational Soul Music Performances

Live inspirational soul performances arranged to create a peaceful and healing environment prompting rest and recovery for patients, families and caregivers coping with cancer, chronic disease or palliative care. 

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Presentations explaining the holistic healing properties of vibrations, sound and music and the tremendous benefits they offer for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

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Live Inspirational Soul Music Recordings  

Recordings of live therapeutic music sessions and inspirational soul performances arranged and performed to create atmospheres of rest and recovery. 

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Workshop Facilitation

Specially designed workshop and seminar providing insight and demonstration of vibrations, sound and music as wellness tools.  Sessions of benefit to healthcare patients, providers and individuals looking to enhance their wellness routines.  

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Private Consultations 

Meet with Johnnine one-on-one to identify musical selections and sound therapy programs to support wellness and prodcuctivity in personal and professional environments. 

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What our customers are saying

"You have BLESSED me this day!!! I'm cleaning up my office, and popped your cd in the player. I literally stopped cleaning and just lost myself in your artistry! You are touching lives Ms. Proby"

K. Johnson, NY, NY