Virtual (Live) Services

Therapeutic Music for Your Staff, Your Loved One, Yourself

Experience the voice and vibration that brings hope, healing, love, and peace.

Therapeutic music is lyrical sound intended to relieve a physical, emotional, or mental concern. Johnnie’s gift lies in delivering therapeutic music through the vibrations of her voice, sometimes in song, sometimes in chant, sometimes in positive words and affirmations. Her voice and music shift the heart rhythms of listeners, sending signals to the brain to alleviate fear, stress, and anxiety. A talented songwriter as well as a Live Therapeutic Music Practitioner and vocalist, Johnnie can perform music she creates just for you or custom playlists of your favorite songs, whether inspirational, spiritual, or new thought.

Therapeutic music services include:

Wellness Workshops 
Music for Life Celebrations and Concerts
Healing Music at Bedside
Music for Events: Openings, Closings, Throughout


My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary. (Martin Luther, 1483-1546)

Music for Events: Openings, Closings, Sessions, and Breaks

With 20 years of vocal experience using lyrical sounds and heartfelt vibrations before various event audiences, it is clear to Johnnie that Music Prepares the Heart to receive the spoken word or message, which then penetrates easily and persuasively.

Opening your live or virtual events with music is a powerful way to prepare your audiences to receive the core messages of your events, whether conferences, corporate gatherings, seminars, summits, sorority galas, church services, interactive performances, and workshops. Through Johnnie’s heartfelt vibrations, your audience will be touched in inspiring ways—they will also be inspired to act.

Johnnie will work directly with your event’s coordinator and speakers to customize the song selection; this is not a cookie-cutter service. If the event is virtual, or if Johnnie is delivering the songs virtually, she will customize her Zoom background to reflect the purpose of your event.

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Wellness Workshops

Learning. Healing. Living.

Healthcare professionals, frontline responders, in-home caregivers, and the fighting and surviving alike will benefit from experiential workshops that focus on music’s innate ability to bring us towards wholeness

Music for Life Celebrations

Learning. Healing. Living.

Whether hearts are joyful, glad, hurting, or grieving, music is an apt response. And what better way to redirect the mind or boost energy and self-confidence than with a Life Celebration or Concert infused with the beautiful, healing vibrations of Johnnie Proby’s gifted voice.

Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, bridal showers, festivals, sororities, and teas, as well as for events that surround loss and grief, a virtual concert with Johnnie will lift moods and enhance the well-being of listeners. Recorded and live-streamed concerts are available, with a playlist customized by you.

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